Revolutionating Cardiology

CARDIA is an innovative diagnostic test powered by Artificial Intelligence that, starting from a 2D ultrasound, reconstructs the heart in 3D and offers a rapid and accurate prediagnosis of potential cardiovascular problems


Analyzed images with Artificial Intelligence


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What cardia does

CARDIA leverages cardiac image analysis to accurately and swiftly detect any cardiac anomalies in their early stages, enabling timely and effective diagnosis that can significantly contribute to improving clinical outcomes and patients’ quality of life.

CARDIA helps cardiologists save valuable time, allowing them to dedicate more focused attention to their patients and tailor treatments based on individual needs and preferences. This efficiency boost enables cardiologists to enhance the quality of care and optimize patient outcomes, ultimately leading to improved overall patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Cardiac Innovation Precision Health Heart Insight Artificial Intelligence
Cardiac Innovation Precision Health Heart Insight Artificial Intelligence

Challenges in Cardiac Care

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide

Today, early detection faces a significant obstacle: the lack of infrastructure and efficient resources in healthcare systems

Shortage of cardiologists per center

The limited number of cardiologists per center strains patient care and leads to longer wait times for critical services.

Slow and invasive tests for patients

Patients endure delays and discomfort due to slow, invasive cardiac testing procedures, impacting timely diagnosis and treatment.

Lack of infrastructure in non-hospital areas

Rural and non-hospital regions lack essential cardiac infrastructure, hindering access to specialized care for cardiovascular conditions.

Financial burden for hospitals and healthcare systems

High costs associated with cardiac care strain hospital budgets and healthcare systems, limiting resources for other critical needs.


AI Revolutionizes Heart Health with CARDIA

CARDIA is an AI-based platform specifically for the analysis of medical images, which puts AI at the service of cardiovascular health.

3D Heart Reconstruction

Ventricles, Atria, and Myocardium Segmentation

Detection of functional and structural anomalies

Analysis of areas and volumes

CARDIA transforms cardiovascular care, offering cardiologists innovative solutions that help improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Prevention capacity thanks to a more economical analysis: accessing a cardiologist where there isn’t one, such as in non-hospital settings.

Saving cardiologists a lot of calculation time: To gain quality time to invest in patients who need it.

Having specific, effective, and authentic information about the patient’s hearts: to offer more appropriate treatments for the patient’s condition.