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Artificial Intelligence

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Our mission entails making healthcare technology readily accessible to you, facilitated by our team of devoted experts and cutting-edge technological advancements.

About apolo

Our commitment to ongoing research ensures you’ll access to the latest in healthcare technology.

Early Disease Detection

AI aids in early detection by analyzing medical data, spotting subtle disease indicators, and empowering timely intervention for effective treatment.

Personalized Treatment

Artificial intelligence allows for more precise information gathering through the analysis of medical data. This information assists doctors in decision-making by designing the most suitable treatments for each patient, maximizing their effectiveness.

Diagnostic Accuracy

By detecting patterns and correlations almost imperceptible to the human eye, AI systems can offer more accurate and timely diagnoses, leading to better outcomes for the patient.

Cardia: Our innovative solution for Cardiology

CARDIA is our Artificial Intelligence-based solution aimed at enabling cardiologists to detect abnormalities with less invasive techniques, quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Based on the 2D image obtained from an echocardiogram, CARDIA reconstructs the heart in 3D, facilitating cardiologists in improving clinical decision-making.

how does cardia work?

Taking AI to the next level

Our products are oriented to assist healthcare professionals in their procedures.  We harness all the potential that AI offers to:

This open a world of possibilities and let us improve in three important areas:


AI in healthcare promises to enhance efficiency and revolutionize both the medical landscape and its business.

Financial Savings

AI enables healthcare organizations to achieve substantial economic savings through automation of repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and maximizing efficiency.

Time Efficiency

The powered tools and algorithms help healthcare professionals save valuable time by automating routine tasks, such as data entry and analysis, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Less invasive testing

Through our softwares, we’ll be able to analyze complex data from various sources to provide accurate insights without the need for invasive tests or procedures.

Resource Management

Algorithms optimize staff schedules based on patient demand patterns, track and manage medical equipment and supplies efficiently, and ensure timely allocation of resources to meet patient needs.

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